Playing overseas (Na to EU)

So basically my starting point is NA east coast and destination server is Frankfurt Germany EU.

When setting nodes, should I be setting them close to me, or close to the game server? I am using basic. I know how to check them, just wondering which location I should pick if I want to play overseas. Thank you.
(Stupid internet routing is broken and gives me 5000 ping so thank you mudfish for fixing that)
I guess I should note I’m playing game called BlackSquad with udp.

As for final question. If I decide to use VPN setting to set my location to EU… do I also need to set my specific game node to EU also, since now my location moved?

Please check FAQ - Nodes for this question. :slight_smile: If you’re using basic node mode and the game server allows connections from overseas, I think you can choose any nodes which shows a lower and stable ping.

If you’re talking about “Server Location” option of the item configuration, it’s used to calculate the recommended pathes internally. So to get a proper information from mudfish, it requires to set the game server location you’re connecting.