Please add new Squad server location in the US

Can we please get new server location in US EAST for game “Squad”, we currently have only US WEST locations and that’s not enought, there’s a ton of servers in the East or even Central US that could benefit from this.

Here’s the Packet Dump file captured while playing on a server for a couple of mins:

Direct file download:

Thanks in advance and i’m sorry about a post I made a while back but couldn’t provide what you guys needed at that time!.

:slight_smile: @tuochten I’d updated the game item at this moment. When you get a chance, please test it again.

Hello, thanks. I see Central US now the only thing i’m not completely sure is that it might not be working good on basic mode but i’ll test some more during this weekend and come back to report here!.


Got it! :slight_smile: I hope everything goes well with mudfish. Please let me know if it doesn’t work properly.

Unfortunatelly, after many tests:

-Fast connect mode On and Off
-Full VPN mode

Mudfish doesn’t seem to work past the server filter page inside the game, this same issue is happening in other vpn’s or gpn providers that i have tried, is there anything else I could provide to you guys?


Are you meaning all mudfish nodes are blocked? Not sure that few mudfish nodes could bypass their filtering?

No, sorry i meant something else, let me explain.

After you start the game, there’s a screen where you can filter the servers that are available, you can think of this like it’s the steam server filter for some games. After you check the one you wanna play in, the game loads and you can play, the thing is that it doesn’t seems to work past the server filter screen.

@tuochten Umm… Then I guess it doesn’t work too even with Full VPN mode enabled, right?