Please add UAE North server to Rainbow Six Siege

Hey guys!

Please can we add the UAE North server to Rainbow Six Siege, thank you so much, I have sent in a packet dump already for it.(I think it went through, if there was an error please let me know and ill get an updated one through asap)

Kind Regards,

@Elkstir Unfortunately I can’t see the packet dump you sent. :frowning: Sorry for this inconvenience. When you get a chance, please send us again.

No worries at all.

Will do so asap. :smiley:

Cool I have resubmitted. :smiley: Just let me know if you need anything more.

Awesome the new servers are working as expected, however we won’t be able to use them to their full potential until you finish setting up the new south african server, but thank you. (Can’t comment on the packet dump itself for some reason) :smiley:


@Elkstir When you get a chance, please test with “ZA South Africa (Johannesburg - DataKeepers)”. :slight_smile: I hope there’s some improvements from your side.

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