Please help me account got hacked

my mudfish account got hack someone change the email please help me @jmham @loxch

@zhung1241 No problem. However could you please tell me your mudfish ID? I checked with “zhung1241” but it’s not valid account anymore.

is not this account, is dzeref and the email got changed and it doesnt exist anymore as i use for a week and then poof the account gone password change, try reset the passport but it didnt go through my email and i try creating it and it work after that i delete the account away as my dzeref was my main and someone hack it

the mudfish id was dzeref but the email someone change it

Please check my answer at Private Support. :slight_smile: It seems there’s many duplicate topics around.

where is the private support?

Please check for topics you made at Private Support.

only suppory can help you