Please update Warhammer Return of Reckoning Item settings to work properly with server connection not the authentication server connection

Hi, would like to tell you that the mudfish settings for Warhammer online: return of reckoning only applies the tunneling to the authentication server. The actual game server ip is port 10622 as indicated in my network resource management where war.exe connects to, not the (which, again, is just the authentication server). Under regular item settings it reduces the connection to authentication server to 200 ping, just as the settings indicated, but the connection to the server is about 300 ping. When i set it to Full VPN using the same node, the connection to the server is now also 200 ping and the game is a bit smoother. This isnt as efficient as items though since other things also consume my mudfish credits (such as discord and browsing), so i was hoping if it could be updated to work with the game properly. Thank you!

IIRC I’d updated the game item now based on your information. :slight_smile: Please test it again when you get a chance.

@sabaw85, Is that working good still ? I’m installing RoR. :slight_smile: