Hi, I would like to ask if it’s possible to add support for PSO2NGS JP as the current Pso2 item does not work with ngs as the server is has been updated.


Strangely equip ‘Phantasy Star Online 2es’ works on NGS.
Just give it a try.

@forshi @sancian3k When you get a chance, please test with “Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis” game item too.

Edit: I think it works when using nodes in Japan

Hello, I tried “Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis” game item (thank you for adding it so quick), but it doesn’t work. All ships(servers) shows it is under maintenance. It works on full VPN though.

I tried both PSO2 and NGS item, works fine. In NGS item setup, there is a note saying “…mudfish credits could be used abnormally if you try to download a big file or do streaming while Mudfish is running.”, so I guess PSO2 item is better?

Quick update: server gives me error code 642 when trying to participate Urgent Quest while on PSO2 item. No error with NGS item, thanks for adding it.

follow up report:
(6/16) I’ve encountered 642 for the first time with NGS item, it only happened once.
(6/17 & 18) I tried PSO2 item again, was able to play UQ without error code. I don’t think i can tell the difference especially the game is currently unstable in general. For now, both PSO2 and NGS item seems okay.