PUBG Account banned for using mudfish vpn

You guys said that ur app is fine for using pubg mobile
As it gives u several nodes and gives you good ping.
I used mudfish for one month and got a ban for 10 years…
I invested a lot of money in this account about 20000 Indian rupees . I got ban for using 3rd party app . And for using data modifier which is mudfish…I pitty your organization. I want a refund and penalty compensation for my account .

20000 rupees gone .

Sorry for this sad news. Did you check their Terms Of Service before using mudfish? It depends their ToS whether using VPN is okay or not. If they doesn’t allow to use the access via VPN, you should use mudfish as your own risk. And I also don’t recommend to use it because it causes this kind of bans without any notifications…

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