Random packet loss while playing VALORANT?


Mudfish works very well for me on VALORANT, with my normal ping being 60-70 but with mudfish, I consistently get 30-40 ping. However, around once per game in VALORANT I get MASSIVE packet loss that persists for 20+ seconds and usually requires me to close Mudfish before it’s fixed.

Is this a problem with my ISP? Is it a problem with the Mudfish node I’m using going down? It’s pretty consistent, and although Mudfish lowers my ping by 20, I can’t use it because it is costing me rounds in VALORANT due to packet loss.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix?


Above is an example of the packet loss happening… Sending through Chicago - Nodisto node and these types of packet losses can really lose games of Valorant.

Any possible explanations?

Could the issue possibly be relating to my data plan being subscription? It only allows for 1Mbps or 4Mbps burst. Could this packet loss be due to the data exceeding my subscription limits?

Definitely yes. If your traffic usage increases temporarily, you may run into rate limiting issues.

Please check ‘Status → Process’ menu to see “Core” log section whether there’s MUDEC_00330 error.