Recent credit purchase not showing in credit status

15 October 2019
Mudfish Networks Inc.
-negative $2.99 USD
Paid with
VISA Debit Card x-xxxx
You’ll see “PAYPAL *MUDFISHNETW” on your card statement.

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It looks wrong. If you paid with Paypal, I think you get the receipt from Paypal too. Could you please tell me your transaction ID which shipped in the email receipt? I need to check it first.

Paid with
VISA Debit Card x-5156
You’ll see “PAYPAL *MUDFISHNETW” on your card statement.

Exchange rate
₱160.79 PHP = $2.99 USD
1 PHP = 0.0186 USD

Online Services

Transaction ID

Seller info
Mudfish Networks Inc.

Purchase details
Mudfish Credits - $2.99 USD
$2.99 USD
Item #MCVUSD0299
$2.99 USD

What else do you need?

When I checked the transaction ID, 01W23860CA220622A, it seems it’s already refunded. :slight_smile: Please check and let me know again if it’s still an issue. Thank you for using Mudfish!

EDIT: Please note that your payment is topped at ‘carlolorenzo’ mudfish instead of ‘xmarco2188’.

Hey i had the same problem…i bought credits but no credits on my account…please help

@shokla14 I think it’d be better to create your own topic instead of adding a comment. :slight_smile: