Refund please

Hi there I have been using Mudfish for a couple of days now, I was recommended Mudfish and that it was cheaper and better if not the same as Exitlag but unfortunately my ping has not been as low as when i use Exitlag.

Game: Albion Online

With Exitlag 240-250 constant

With Mudfish 260-280 and spiking to 300 and way above

I was wondering if I could get a refund as it is not the performance i was expecting.

No problem @rockstarza for refund. :slight_smile: However is rockstarza your mudfish ID you’re using? When I checked the account status, it seems the mudfish didn’t work at all. Please confirm that How to check the basic functionality works fine in your environment. It’s a first thing you should test.

Even if you did and doesn’t work properly, let me know again. I can help your refund.