Refund request vashcorler

Hi Dear support,

Excuse me for posting here,
After I test Mudfish with my favorite game - Chivalry 2,
Unfortunately, my location can not get good ping with it.
As our website mentioned, I post a refund request here.
I’ve only use it about 1 days (within 1 week requirement) so it should be fine right?

Well, I really hope we got an Chivalry 2 server in HK, that would be great.
But we only got server in JP, which its pretty much like I use directly connection. :no_mouth:

No problem. :slight_smile: I’d refunded it already. Thank you for your interest in Mudfish!

Please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link while playing the game with Full VPN mode.

To update the game item of mudfish, I need some game packets to analyze.

Q1:Thank you Sir, I 've got a notice email about it.

Q2:Oh no Sir, I’m sorry. but isn’t my mudish account already being refunded? Can I still do this? I really like to hlep :smiley:

Thank you for your update. I’d set a trial credit now for your account. :slight_smile: So I think you can use all mudfish nodes and features for a while.

With this, I can you can perform the packet dump. If it’s not enough, please let me know again.

Sure thing Sir, I 'll go check how to test it :smiley:

Hi Dev Team,

I’ve upload couple data package that you have mentioned.
But where can I show you the link? :open_mouth:

I 've played about four matches of Chivalry 2, if this is not enough please let me know. :smiley:
Its my honor to help testing on Chivalry 2 haha

btw I think most of time the ping is just like I directly connect to the Chivalry 2 server.
I guess that because my location R.O.C. (Taiwan) is very near to Japan. (Ping in game = 28-40)
I usually only got bad ping (about 100-104) while I connect to Singapore or HK server I guess.

I’d left my answer on the packet dump topic you uploaded at Private Support menu. Please check it there. :slight_smile: You can find your topics at link.

Excuse me for my late reply,

Sorry kind of busy yesterday.

I’ve update my Mudfish version to newest Mudfish VPN v5.6.2

But I found that it shows some ipv6 errors.

Is there something I done wrong
Now if I login in the Chivalry 2 game , it will be disconnected.

Don’t worry Sir, I will keep testing it, even I sometimes reply late
2023-03-25 15_45_28-Dashboard - Mudfish VPN

Sir I’ve leave some msg on our original post.

Do you have any email address or where should I contact you would be better?

Since the mail address" "

can not be replied :X