Refund was confirmed on my account but it did not reflect anywhere I check :(


If you can refund to my paypel it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Please allow 3 ~ 5 business days to be handled by Paymentwall. At least it’s refunded by me and Paymentwall notified. I didn’t get any problem report from Paymentwall for your transaction. So I think you should wait little bit more.

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thank you very much! Where should I expect the refund to go to? i used razer gold O.o Have a nice day sir!

Frankly I have no idea how razer gold works. So I guess that Paymentwall notifies to me if it’s non refundable for your case. So please allow some times to Paymentwall. :slight_smile:

still no refunds received :frowning:

If you have any concern regarding to your payment, did you try to contact to Paymentwall too? At least it’s refunded by Mudfish so I think they’re best one you can try to reach to ask your question how it’s being handled. :slight_smile:

Yes, I did. They told me payments via razer gold is non-refundable but they still accepted the refund. Is it possible to just credit it again to my mudfish account? Paymentwall’s support has a thick skull, they already knew that razer gold isn’t non refundable but still refunded it O.o What a brain :frowning:

any replies?

Sorry for this belated response. :frowning: I see. If then please send the paypal invoice to email after checking How do I create and send an invoice? link.

If it’s non-refundable, I can handle it for you if you’re okay with Paypal invoice refund.

Oh hey there, i didn’t used paypal only razer gold. If you need the razer gold receipt.

I would like to get the mudfish credits again, I wanna use mudfish now for albion online.

Okay. I’d reset your mudfish credits. So please check it again. :slight_smile: