Request WFP for Division 2

Heyo I was here couple months ago because of Guild Wars 2 CDn issue. It was solved by WPF. :slight_smile:

I notice that one of the game that I play (Tom Clancy’ Division 2) also has same issue. So I’m here trying to provide information regarding the game. I believe you guys need the actual process name so here it is


Mudfish Div 2 CDN

Thank you for this information. :slight_smile: I updated the game item a little bit based on your information so please test it when you get a chance.

But I’m not sure that it works fine because I didn’t test it.

Okay I tried to play Division 2 with WFP but unfortunately, it wont connect

I able to play Division 2 without WFP mode
it maybe the Easy Anti Cheat doesnt go through the same address?

Frankly I’m not sure. :frowning: For this case, please check Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - link because this JSON file is for the custom item used by Mudfish. I think you can check Create Custom Item section and try to manipulate this with adding the process what you’d like to add.