Reset Password not working

I have been using Mudfish for a few years now.
Last week my account suddenly stopped working.
It keeps saying username/password incorrect although i have been using the same account all these while.
I have been spamming the Reset Password option but i haven’t gotten a single email.
Sent an email to and it says to post here in the forum instead.

Please assist, thanks.

Could you please tell me your exact mudfish ID? It seems this account @NuubNuub is made to post this topic.

Yes, i made this account just to post.
The exact Mudfish ID i’m using is GameMaster85

@NuubNuub When I checked your account, it seems email is one registered with GameMaster85. Did you check spam or inbox of your email?

Yes, i have checked my spam, inbox and also double checked my blocked list which is empty.
It used to work last time.
I tested the password reset for this NuubNuub account and it’s also not working.

Edit: Also tried the password reset using Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox and on my laptop and also mobile…tried everything lol…

Okay. I think I can manually reset your password but for account security purposes, I can send a temporary password to email address which is a payer email address for that account. Are you okay with it?

Yes please, that will do.
Thank you very much =)

Okay. :slight_smile: I’d send ID/PWD email to Please check my email for your temporary password.