Hi, I noticed that there can be different routes when connecting to one server? I found out that when I connect to Telepath Germany Fortnite I can get 78, 81, 85, 90 mudfish ping. It can get me 30-50 minutes to get a route(by enabling and disabling mudfish) that gives me 78 ping. Is it possible to kind of save route so I will not be spending that much time on enabling and disabling mudfish?

@hitrets Frankly I can’t understand what ‘different routes’ in your comment means

  • Are you meaning that the game server IP for Fortnite is changing from one to another?
  • Or are you meaning that the real routing-path of the data packets between ISPs are changing even if the destination is same?
  • Or are you meaning that depending on which mudfish node was being used its RTT is changing?

I guess the second one. For example, if I connect to one server, and it gives me 87(will be around 87-88) ping, then disconnect and connect again, it may give me 85 ping(it will be around 85-86 all the time, so it means that it is different route).

If you’re pointing to the second one, it seems the routing path in the middle are changing. However as you might guess, it’s an untouchable area because it’s controlled by ISPs. :slight_smile: So only thing we can try is with changing the mudfish node. So I guess the routing path will be changed depending on which mudfish node you’re using.

I think 1) you can try to pick a mudfish node which is closer to the game server or 2) pick a mudfish node which is closer to your location.

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