Selected Mudfish Node

Already using mudfish for a month and i noticed that i cant see now the 2 mudfish node i was using. because that 2 mudfish node is the best for me depends on what server im playing in valorant

HK Asia (Hong Kong - Azure 14)
SG Asia (Singapore - Amazon EC2)

Sorry for this inconvenience. :frowning: There are each reasons for these mudfish nodes:

  • HK Asia (Hong Kong - Azure 14)
    This mudfish node is now suspended by MS without any notification. They (microsoft) say that it’s due to suspicious activities with mudfish account but didn’t say us a clear clarification.
  • SG Asia (Singapore - Amazon EC2)
    For this case, it’s caused by disk failure of AWS host node. :frowning: Due to unknown reason, it begins to consume 100% disk I/Os while node was UP. So I should make it down .

However at this moment I’d added multiple new HK Asia (Hong Kong - Azure XX) nodes so I think you can test. However for SG Asia (Singapore - Amazon EC2) node, I need to create one.

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okay okay thank you :smiley: