Server at Argentina

I think it will be a great addition to MUDFISH a server in argentina territory, a host that I know is

Thank you for your information. :slight_smile: I think it’s reasonable to lease one at argentina becuase there’s a provider. I’ll try to lease as soon as possible.

Thanks for the fast response. Waiting for the node to be available to test it out and mudfish will become my principal VPN. There are other providers also like

Okay. I’d requested each servers at baehost and buthost now and waiting the response. I hope the server is available soon though it requires the activation verification to lease a server in Argentina.

any news about the nodes?

I’d leased a box from . But they’re OpenVZ based and doesn’t provide tap/tun driver as default which required to run the mudfish node. :frowning: I’m waiting the response from them whether it’s possible to turn on tun/tap and iptables NAT features.

@luisz I’m not sure how “AR South America (Buenos Aires - Nuthost)” mudfish node is helpful for you. But I’d set it now so please test when you get a chance.