Slow internet connecting with Mudfish on

Hi Y’all

I started to use Mudfish for Final Fantasy XIV however I encountered 2 issues that makes annoying to use this VPN, I’m pretty positive that the community will find a way to help me out. Thanks in advance for that.

Issue 1: The whole internet became very slow when Mudfish is ON.

Issue 2: When I check the ping and IP in the game, using Dalamud, it shows that I’m connected to (a.k.a localhost) with ping 0. It does not show the current IP that Mudfish is connected to and the real game ping.

About my configuration I have the game configured to the right Datacenter, Node Configuration Basic Mode with Auto Detection and Simple Setup only WFP item mode ON.

The game itself runs good with Mudfish on, I choose to use this VPN because I have a lot of disconnections due my bad ISP packet loss in a very short time and the VPN is capable to hold my connection to not drop me from the game. However the issue 1 is very annoying and I wish to have issue 2 fixed as well just to make sure that I’m using the VPN correctly and be capable to see my ping ingame.

This is weird… I think you don’t use Full VPN mode, right? Is it even the same after turning off WFP Item mode?

Please test whether it’s still the same after turning off WFP Item mode and FastConnect mode.

If it works fine with that, you can try to turn on again one by one to identify which one affects to this issue.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I don’t use Full VPN mode, I only enable WFP.

I’ll test with WFP off during this weekend, at the first glace I could notice that Dalamud now shows the IP that I’m connected and the ping. Now I just need to test the internet while Mudfish is running.

Could you please share with me what is the WFP and why it was impacting in the game to report the correct IP? I checked the help page but it was slightly confusing.


WFP shorts for Windows Filtering Platform. For details please check the link.

However, I don’t have an idea why it affects the Dalamud. But internally WFP driver of mudfish redirects the connection to mudwfp_proxy daemon listens on localhost ( address. It’s required to proxy the connection based on the per-process.

I guess that this behavior changes the result of Dalamud in my opinion.

Thank you for your reply and sharing.

WFP off resolves the Dalamud issue, however the internet stays very unstable when Mudfish is ON, problems to access some pages, pings in game sometimes goes up, Twitch streams freezes.

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