South Africa to Singapore server ( (repost due to last post dissapearing)

Hey there again!

So so sorry to repost, my last one seems to have completely disappeared no matter what I do.

Thank you to weongyo for the reply, that would be so much appreciated.

If you can, try and make sure it is hosted in Johannesberg on on the Teraco datacenter as that is the City and datacenter combo that would give us the lowest ping to both Singapore and UAE. :smiley:

An entire community is excitedly awaiting the new server. Thank you so much again! We appreciate it more then you can understand!

Kind Regards,

@Elkstir When you get a chance, please test with β€œZA South Africa (Johannesburg - DataKeepers)” mudfish node which newly leased. It was from but I’m not sure that it’s helpful for you. :slight_smile:


It works perfectly, thank you SOOOOOO much!!!

Also in regards to the Packet Dumps, for Valorant Bahrain, it just timed out after 7 hops and never left South Africa, and the rest of the new Servers work perfectly. Thank you for all your assistance, it is SO much appreciated!!


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