State of the US WEST google nodes

for the last 2 months the us west google nodes have become totally unstable, sadly for everyone that plays ffxiv from south america they are the only option we have because there is a 40 ping difference between them and the next node provider for example at this moment we have google 1-2 with 155 ms and google 3 just exploded and is at 250ms, this changes constantly every 1-2 hours and the problem is that you can’t change nodes without being disconnected from ffxiv (there is a 2 hour long queue when you get dc), it has become so bad that i just can’t recommend mudfish to my friends anymore

@sisco1986 Sorry for this issue. :frowning: I’d upgraded a CPU for US West (Los Angeles - Google 3) now. When you get a chance, please test it.

thank you very much

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