Steady decline for the item Granblue Fantasy

Hello, i’ve been using Mudfish for a couple years for now and sadly it’s effectiveness had a steady decline despite having the same internet connection since. I use your service for the item Granblue Fantasy, which at the beginning it used to lower the ping from my 270ms to a nice 170~180ms constantly. It has been a few months if not a year that unfortunately it kept increasing the minimum ping to that 170ms to then 180/190 now 200/210 and by the looks of it even higher as days pass by. Tried all sort of things from changing dns to flushing the dns cache, connection reset from the isp and so on but nothing seems to come even close to how effective it was at the beginning. My drivers are all up to date and connection/ping for everything that doesn’t use Mudfish didn’t deteriorate along with it. Can you please look into it? I’m not an expert in internet protocols etc. Item name: Granblue Fantasy

I’ll try to check this. However in my opinion, your issue could be related to Russia-Ukraine war because it looks like you’re living at Europe.

To reach from Europe to Asia (Japan), the best routing path is “Europe → Russia West → Russia East → Japan North (Hokkaido) → The game server”. If I know correctly, due to the war, this routing path is getting worse. :frowning:

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Same here unfortunately. The server offering has gotten worse. I’ve used other VPNs located in Russia that gave me better ping. Me and my EU GBF friends have been exploring other options. On a good day the RU - Adelina node still works, but that is the only one left that does, and when it gets unstable, I’m better off without Mudfish.

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