Stolen account


I suspect my account has been stolen, because I am absolutely sure I didn’t change my password and I can’t login now. Last time I logged in was yesterday.

I also tried to request a temporary password but the system does not find any email I could’ve used.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning: However I think I can help you to find your account. Could you please confirm that you want to find the password for my.sasaki mudfish account?

If then email address is one registered. Please check the inbox or spam box on your gmail account.

Hello, thank you for the reply.
The problem was with another account.
Today I received a bunch of emails with temporary password. I managed to log in and already changed the password for ensurance. So I suppose the problem is solved even though I have no idea why I couldn’t log in that day.

Thank you very much.

Cool! :slight_smile: I hope now everything goes well with mudfish. Please let me know if there are any other problems.