Suggestion: Simplied and Easy to Understand Ping List from RTT Graph


Mudfish is the only VPN I’ve found that can actually lower my ping in-game. I love using this program, however there are some aspects of this I wish can be showned in a simpler and non-technical format for those of us who are not technically verse.

A example of this is the RTT graph that updates the ping statistics between all the servers listed with multiple subcategories (RTT, RTT Avg. RTT Sttdev). Is there some way a more simpler interface can be made where it would only show what is the ping from our location to each server?


Server Location: Ping:
Asia - Hong Kong (Google) 60
Asia - Taiwan (Azure) 100

See Advanced View-> (Regular RTT ping graph)

Umm… Did you try to turn off Expert Mode before? If I remember correctly, turning off Expert Mode shows the simplified UI.

Hello. I have turned off expert mode yet it still gives me the same view of the nodes as before.

Got it. :slight_smile: I can expect what you’d like to see. I’ll try to simplify the UI little bit more if Expert Mode is off. Thank you for your feedback!