Tales Runner ingame website issue

Hey, it’s me again with the same issue that I had about the game. Last time I posted here, Weongyo tried to help me.

I still can’t see the ingame website for daily attendance. But I did manage to find out all the needed ips. I then tried setting up SSTap with Mudfish authentication and it works correctly. The websites ingame all show correctly and I can claim the daily attendance. but I rather use Mudfish launcher instead of SSTap.

If you could add the ips that worked in SSTap to Mudfish launcher on the Tales Runner item, I think everything will work correctly.

The ips that worked in SSTap are (the 24 is probably not needed):

I hope this is useful to you! Thank you.

@inthu Thank you for these information. Could you please test it again? I’d updated the game item based on your information again. :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for updating it and sorry for late reply.

It wasn’t working at first but after a couple of days it started working. I could see my daily attendance page and other ingame pages with mudfish!

But there seems to be a new problem, STOVE has put a block on their launcher, as of now I can’t play the game with Mudfish… I tried to fix it on my own and I found the launchers IP. I then added the IP to the list in SSTAP and it worked!

So if you could add 1 more ip to the list, then I think it will be perfect!

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

No problem. I’d updated the game item now. :slight_smile: