Tap-Win32 Adapter V9 Network Cable Unplugged

Hi, I just downloaded Mudfish for use with FFXIV and I kept getting the 00044 and 00045 errors. I checked the Mudfish error guide page for workarounds, and discovered that it’s likely a problem with the Tap windows adapter. I checked my network settings, and discovered that the network connection using the Tap adapter gives a “Network cable unplugged” error. I use ethernet exclusively, and my network cable is in fact plugged in. I’m using it to post this message. What could be causing this? My internet is working and the cable is plugged in, and the Tap adapter is the only one giving this error. I can provide screenshots if needed. I’d like to know how to get the adapter to recognize that my ethernet cable is plugged in. Thanks for any help.

TAP-Win32 adapter v9 network adapter is a virtual network interface. So ‘cable unplugged’ message doesn’t show details why. Please check MUDEC_00044 and MUDEC_00045 error links first.

However if it’s still same, please send us Problem Report while your issue is happening.

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