There is no launch of the lost ark JP client

  1. What’s your issue encountering?
    The Japanese game lost ark, client does not launch through the site. The VPN itself opens the game site, but when you click on the start button, no actions occur.

Subscription mudfish subscription plan
Server Location: Asia (Japan)
Node mode: main mode
The Selected Node Is A Mud Fish
JP Asia (Tokyo-Konoha 7)

  1. How could it be reproducible?
    You can use my elected Mudfish Node
    JP Asia (Tokyo - Konoha 7) On the right side of the site is a Golden element and it says “先 行 ク ラ イ ア ン ト ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド” it launches the game client.

This action should occur when you click
Open the application “Pmang ラ ン チ ャ ー(”?
The website https: //lost is going to open this app.
allow the lost site

Could you please confirm that it’s also same with Full VPN mode enabled? :frowning: It seems Pmang Japan blocked mudfish nodes if it doesn’t work with Full VPN mode.

I checked all nodes that ping less than 100 and they don’t work.

Sad to hear that it doesn’t work even with Full VPN mode. :frowning: It seems the game publisher blocks mudfish nodes at this moment. I’ll try to release another mudfish nodes at JP if possible.

thank you very much, I hope they will work soon.

Use the google node, works for me