VALORANT nodes are bad

look at how bad RTT between the node and the game server

please fix it

@ibra1 Could you please tell me your exact mudfish ID? When I checked with “ibra1”, it seems it doesn’t exist. :frowning: So I can’t figure out what’s going on with your account.



im not sure the problem is from my account, my RTT to your German nodes is 85ms (which is so good)
it seems like the problem is with your nodes and the Valorant servers

Okay… yep… :frowning: It seems it’s something wrong for Europe (Paris) destination… Could you please send me some game packets using Packet Capture with Mudfish link?

When I checked mudfish side for this RTT, it seems the ping isn’t stable at all. So it looks I need to update the game item…


I just uploaded packets for Valorant EU

Thank you sir


Could you please tell me when is it getting fixed?

@ibra1 I’d updated the game item for Europe (Paris) destination based on your packet dump. :slight_smile: When you get a chance, please test it again.