Valorant on Subscription Plan

I am currently using Pay Per Traffic to play Valorant on HK servers. I am happy with the service as it allows me to play at 50 ping instead of 100+. I’d like to try out the Subscription plan but I’d like to know whats the cheapest plan is compatible. I’m not sure what speedcap is.

Please check Data Plans link for your question though I’m not sure it includes enough information. :slight_smile: If not please ask me.

hello, thank you for replying. i did read it, but is there a way to know how many mbps I need for online games? there’s 4-8mbps1, 8-28mbps, 16-48mbps, 32-8mbps, I mostly play valorant. I appreciate the help.

@fewmany Unfortunately I don’t know either because it depends on the game client. I don’t think VALORANT uses a lot of traffics to play the game. So I think you can start with minimum voucher and upgrade if you need.

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