VPN optimization

I would like to optimize Gujian Online https://pay.wangyuan.com/recharge/game/gjol > This game. However, I am unable to optimize it and i get a lot of spikes and ping issues. I live in Rhodes, Greece, if that would help. thank u in advance. can you help me please?

I tried FULL VPN, equipping games. but nothing.

Please confirm that How to check the basic functionality works fine in your environment. It’s the first thing you should test.

I also did that! It said it works fine.

Okay. Then did you try to do as follows?

  • Run mudfish and set up Full VPN mode.
  • Connect mudfish.
  • Start to play the game.
  • Meanwhile you’re playing the game with other players, terminate mudfish.

If you follow the above steps, is your game disconnected when mudfish exits?

When the game notices a change of network, it disconnects.

Okay. If the game client is disconnected when Mudfish exits, it means that the game traffics are going through a mudfish node you picked.

For this case, I think your ping depends on which a mudfish node you’re using. So please check FAQ - Nodes and try to pick a mudfish node carefully.

I have been switching a lot of servers but the min i can get is 300 with huge spikes. I dont know how to fully optimize it might be an issue. Is it just impossible?

Besides Full VPN, I tried to equip the game but the only game server atm is in china and nowhere else.

Do you know the game server IP? If you know it, you can try to perform WinMTR… For details, please check How to use WinMTR link.

Thanks for trying to help but I lost hope xd is it possible to request a chinese designation server for the game? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately no mudfish nodes at china mainland because the VPN policy of the goverment is highly restricted. It apples to VPN provider too.

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