[WARNING] There was a problem loading the page


I installed Mudfish 5.0.6 but when trying to access the dashboard I keep getting the error in the title.

**Dump from the Java console:

TypeError: ns.GetCommandSrc is not a function
at GetCommandUrl (main.js?attr=lUrBAyuSBwSpLqQSjBYqEUmthXXQIjZHi4dzhFEy05nQ_u3LXQema946RAHwelZ6:988)
at XMLHttpRequest.window.XMLHttpRequest.open (main.js?attr=lUrBAyuSBwSpLqQSjBYqEUmthXXQIjZHi4dzhFEy05nQ_u3LXQema946RAHwelZ6:1023)
at spread.js:25
at new Promise ()
at e.exports (spread.js:25)
at e.exports (spread.js:25)

Using latest Google Chrome. In incognito mode with Ctrl+F5, I get access until I select an option.
Internet Explorer let me use it, but after ctrl+f5.

Please check Debugging issue for Mudfish v5 for this issue. :slight_smile: