Can we get another ZA server? Specifically one from gcorelabs. If we do we can get low ping to Dubai

As the statement above says, if we can get access to another server in South Africa from gcorelabs we will be able to get super low ping to Dubai which would be AMAZING!

The IP is follows:

Here is the link: It is the Johannesburg server location.

Thank you so much! <3

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This would help soooo much :grin:

Thank you SOOOO much @weongyo. It is SO much appreciated. <3 :smiley:

Alright so we have a small issue, when using full VPN mode I can see that the Gcore server is allowing us to get around 100 ping to certain VPS servers in dubai, however not the ones that are already on Mudfish currently.

This means we are needing another VPS/Node in dubai (I’m so sorry to ask for so much), specifically apart of the the “du-dubai network”.

Im not 100% sure which VPS we can use in Dubai since I don’t know much about Dubai, but I have read that Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting in Dubai, UAE Data Centers - AEserver has connection to the DU ISP so yeah? Not 100% sure though.

So sorry for all the hassle and asking for so much. If you can’t do this I do understand, but it would be AMAZING if you could. <3 @weongyo

:slight_smile: I think you tested with “ZA South Africa (Johannesburg - G-Core Labs)” now. Let me check another server providers. It seems AEServer is little bit costly.

No worries, yeah thank you so much. Yep so I can confirm it is working to certain ISP Servers, but not to the ones currently on Mudfish. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your assistance! If you have a certain budget and need me to find a VPS provider I am more then happy to help, or if you have already that is great. :smiley:

Hey @weongyo!

I have managed to find another VPS located in UAE with connection to the “du ISP”, and it is 5 dollars per month for the cheapest option.

I believe this should work, so awesome! Thank you again for all your support!

Thank you for information. Let me check this. I hope they support Paypal payment. :slight_smile:

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Awesome thank you! Much appreciated.

If you need a different server let me know and I will help you out.