Princess Connect Re:Dive connection problem

I have used this VPN to play Princess Connect Re:Dive almost 2 years.
But the connection quality deteriorated since 6 months ago.
It is frequently unstable and timeout recently that mean the situation got worse.
Now mudfish is worse than VPN gate aka free VPN.

Did you try to change a mudfish node based on FAQ - Nodes section for your game item? If you’re using the advanced mode, please start with the basic mode.

I only had used basic mode since I began to used Mudfish VPN.

And in those node “JP Asia (Tokyo - ConoHa#)” was only able to be used.

If I used the others node, the game would show me time out or disconnection.

Eventhough “JP Asia (Tokyo - ConoHa#)” could be used. It was still unstable and low netspeed.

If the game is accessible only via “JP Asia (Tokyo - ConoHa#)”, it means that the game publisher blocked mudfish JP nodes except some nodes. :frowning:

However when you get a chance, please try to test your network status from your desktop to (Princess Connect Re:Dive - Asia (Japan)) using How to use WinMTR link.

I think this result will show you where this issue is from.

Thank you for showing this result. :slight_smile: As you can see, your packet loss is starting at ‘Nr 5’. So it means the packet loss is happening at outside of mudfish node you’d picked.

This means you should use other mudfish nodes available to access though I’m not sure that there’s to bypass this congestion.